Student Privacy

Chabot College Protocol in Support of Student Privacy and Undocumented Students

Chabot College welcomes and supports students without regard to their immigration status.  Chabot will continue to admit students in a manner consistent with our nondiscrimination policy and without regard to a student’s national origin, religion, age, gender, race or other protected characteristics. 

Chabot College is committed to creating an environment in which all admitted students can successfully matriculate, graduate and/or transfer.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students privacy rights with respect to their education records. Chabot-Las Positas Community College District’s Board Policy 5040 provides additional privacy protection.

Chabot College will not release any student information, including immigration status or related information in confidential student records, to any member of the public, federal agencies or other parties without prior written consent from the student, a court order or a lawfully issued subpoena, or as otherwise required by law.

Any inquiries made in regards to the student’s immigration status or related student records will be directed to Chabot College’s Office of the President. Chabot College President will adhere to the privacy protection principles above when responding to these immigration-related inquiries.  


Quick Reference Procedures

  • DO NOT share ANY information about ANY student requested via personal email, phone calls, from classrooms, or on campus other than to that student.
  • Student recommendation letter requests should only be accepted via district-provided Zonemail, in-person, or through a secure recommendation website (i.e. for universities). A Release of Student Records form is available online. Please forward signed release to A&R.
  • Refer any I.C.E. agents/officers to the Office of the President and contact Campus Safety.
    If a law enforcement, non-identified officer or other non-college official comes to a classroom, please refer them to the Office of the President and contact Campus Safety.
  • Regardless if I.C.E. agents provide or do not provide clear identification and/or documentation, any inquiry must be treated seriously and referred to the Office of the President at (510) 723-6641, Building 400, Room 408.
  • If anyone comes to a classroom or other student venue with an emergency related to student information, please contact Campus Safety for assistance at 510.723.6923.
  • For questions or additional feedback, please contact the Office of the Vice President, Student Services at 510.723.6743, Building 200, Room 204.