Student Online Systems

Here are quickstart guides for students on how to logon and start using the main online systems while attending Chabot College.


What is it used for?

  • Registration, Pay Tuition/Fees, Holds, Parking Permit, Apply to Nursing and Dental Hygiene, and more.


  • Use your W number or Social Security number.


  • Default is your birthdate in the format MMDDYY (i.e. 050772 for May 7, 1972). 
  • Remember to enter the leading zero for single digit month and day. For example, the month of May would be entered '05'.

For more information or further assistance, email


What is it used for?

  • Attend online or hybrid classes. Some on-campus classes may also use Canvas.


  • Use your W number 


  • Default password is the first two letters of your first name, followed by the first two letters of your last name (all lowercase), followed by the last four digits of your W number.


Maria Valdez with a W number of W98765432 would log in as:

Username: W98765432

Password: mava5432

For more information or further assistance, visit the Online Learning webpage.


All current Chabot student will have a student email. It's actually Google Mail, just branded as Zonemail here at Chabot.

  • Check your Zonemail regularly.
  • Important updates and status information are sent to your Zonemail from Financial Aid, Admissions, Counselors, class instructors, and all Chabot College programs and depts.

How to Logon