Since the SSCC Executive Senate members are elected officials, all ASCC business is bound by the California legislation known as the Ralph M. Brown Act that was passed in 1953 to help make all business of elected officials as transparent as possible to protect the rights and interests of the public by allowing the public to be informed of, attend, and participate in meetings of these elected officials. For the SSCC, the majority of the interested public would be the student body, although anyone may attend an SSCC senate meeting. Learn more about the Ralph M. Brown Act.

The SSCC Constitution states that all business shall be conducted as per Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised; this is usually abbreviated as "RONR." Robert's Rules of Order is the name of a book rules on parliamentary procedure that was originally written by a General Henry M. Robert in 1876 and has been revised eleven times as of 2011 its original publication in 1876, hence the reason why the Constitution and bylaws usually state they will follow the "newly revised" version. Learn more about Robert's Rules of Order.

Chabot College is part of Region 4 of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). For further understanding of the SSCCC, please click link: Student Senate for California Community Colleges

If you have any other questions regarding the Student Senate, please feel free to contact us.