CSU Transfer Degrees

Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs)

What is it?

The Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees are designed to facilitate transfer admission to a CSU in a similar major.

The curriculum for an AA-T or AS-T differs from traditional AA or AS degrees in that the AA-T or AS-T courses align to similar academic majors and curriculum at a California State University campus. 

Completing an AA-T or AS-T in your major results in:

  • Priority consideration for transfer admission through a .1 gpa bump in your CSU transferable gpa to some of the more competitive or impacted majors and/or campuses in the CSU system. See if your CSU major or campus is considered impacted here.
  • An offer to redirect you to an open CSU campus should you not get admitted to the one(s) you apply for.
  • Completion of your bachelor's degree at the CSU in 60 semester units.

Please note: Students who earn an AA-T or AS-T degree and meet the CSU minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not necessarily to your preferred CSU campus or major.

The ADT Major and its similar Bachelor Degree Major

Every ADT major is matched up to a similar major at the CSU so students know that after they transfer in, they would have 60 semester units left to complete the bachelor degree in that similar major.

Sometimes, there are no similar majors because the California Community College or the CSU does not offer it or the CSU can't structure the bachelor degree to be completed within 60 units after transferring in with an ADT.
Regardless if students are transferring with or without the ADT and regardless if the majors are similar or not, students can still apply to the CSU. That is, there's no hard and fast rule that you can only transfer to a CSU if you are going to earn an ADT. There's no rule that you can only apply for a CSU major that matches your ADT major. That being said, as described in the previous section, ADTs play a role in being competitive for admission to the CSU if the similar major at the CSU is an impacted major or campus.
Research CSU impacted major and/or campus:
Impaction at the CSU
Research the similar major between the CCC and CSU: 
Associate Degree for Transfer Major and CSU Campus Search
If you are seeing a notice on the CalState Apply application that your ADT major is not considered similar to the bachelor degree major you are applying for, it means:
  • If there was some GPA bump to be given to be more competitive for the CSU impacted major, the GPA bump doesn't apply in this case, and
  • There might be a little bit more than 60 semester units left in your bachelor degree after you transfer.
Learn about Chabot College's Associate Degrees for Transfer

Chabot College offers a number of Associate Degrees for Transfer.

  • View the list of Chabot College Associate Degrees for Transfer (look under the column titled Transfer Degree) and/or I Can Go To College.
  • Use the Chabot College Catalog to locate these degrees/majors and learn about career opportunities. Turn to page 18 of the catalog to view a list of all of Chabot's certificate and degree programs. Then, turn to the respective department page(s) in the catalog to view major and general education requirements for the particular AA-T and AS-T.
  • Remember to check out the college catalog addendum for any recent changes. Remember to research CSU transfer admission requirements! An AA-T or AS-T guarantees that students will be accepted by one of the CSU campuses, but, not necessarily the one you want, so work with your counselor to prepare and plan appropriately!

Current and prospective community college students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review their options for transfer and to develop an educational plan that best meets their goals and needs.

Questions? Contact Transfer Counselor/Instructor Ms. Frances Fon at ffon@chabotcollege.edu.