Most forms are PDF fillable allowing you to download and save.

Alternatively, to print, handwrite, then scan a form or document into a PDF file before emailing it from your ZoneMail email, please visit the tutorials below:



  • Request for Unit Increase (fillable PDF)
    Students desiring to enroll in more than 18 units per term. (Note: You can view your GPA in Class-Web Unofficial Transcripts)

  • IGETC LOTE Verification with Proficiency Language Exam

    For students seeking to fulfill IGETC Area 6 Language Other Than English through a proficiency exam instead of other means. Please consult with a counselor or the Transfer Center Counselor for guidance before scheduling an exam.

  • IGETC LOTE Verification with Foreign Transcripts
    For students seeking to fulfill IGETC Area 6 Language Other Than English. Please consult with a counselor or the Transfer Center Counselor for assistance. (Note: Documentation required.)

  • Loss of Priority Registration and Promise Grant
    Students who are placed on probation for two consecutive semesters may lose their priority registration status and their California College Promise Grant. To Appeal the Loss of priority registration and/or the loss of California College Promise Grant, please schedule an appointment with a counselor for guidance and submission of this form. (Note: Supporting documentation may be required.)

  • Petition to Repeat a Course (Chabot)
    Students may attempt the same class a maximum of three times at the same college or district. Additionally, if you have received a C or better in the course you can not repeat the same course. This petition is for students seeking to attempt a class for the fourth or more time. Also for students experiencing a block from registering for the same course when you have only attempted the course once or twice and/or have already passed the course. (Note: Documentation may be required.)

  • Prequisite Clearance
    To clear a prerequisite course for a course you are planning to take at Chabot College please visit our Prerequisite Clearance page.

  • Prerequisite Challenge   

  • Priority Registration Review Form
    For students wanting to receive an earlier registration date by showing documentation of previous completion of orientation, assessment, and/or your student education plan from Chabot College. (Note: Documentation Required.)

  • Substitution Waiver (fillable PDF)
    For students and faculty seeking to substitute a course toward (or waiver from) a Chabot College degree/program requirement. Please consult with a counselor for guidance before submitting the form. (Note: Documentation may be required.)