STAGE ONE the Podcast

STAGE ONE the Podcast

Summer Radio Plays 

Original 3-episode podcasts written, recorded, and performed by students! See the podcast descriptions below, and listen now on Spotify!

Produced by Beeh Moore
Executive Producers Linda Amayo-Hassan and Dov Hassan
Sound editing, mixing, and theme music by Anne-Marie Pleau
Technical Support by Cierra Zimmerman


The Demons
Starring: Avantika Chitturi, Pierre Michael Nelson, Yolanda Vasquez, Claire Ikehide, Joseph Hanes

Synopsis: Charlie and his grandmother are plagued with visions of ice demons. Charlie begins to uncover the truth behind all of his visions.

Episode 1: The Montgomery's meet Dr. Potter. The Montgomery's request a private word with Dr. Potter. 

Episode 2: Charlie is visiting his grandmother and they have another encounter with the ice demon. 

Episode 3: Charlie confronts Dr. Potter at the hospital.  He discovers the unbelievable truth.




Heartburn Hour
Starring: Joseph Hanes, Shiara Rivas, Ronwaldo Ray Silverio, Christina Apostolos, Yolanda Vasquez

Synopsis: Morning radio hosts J Rock and Shera of WKMEL Morning Spice Crew becomes disbanded. They must confront the truth as they become radio competitors.

Episode 1: Meet radio hosts Shera and J Rock of WKMEL's Morning Spice Crew! 

Episode 2: Tension continues for the Morning Spice Crew. Shiara gets a phone call from a different radio station offering a position as host.

Episode 3: Shera accepts a new job as J Rock's morning show competitor. Fans are calling in to discuss the new changes. J realizes he might have unresolved business with Shera.




Anye Wynn, Alex Loder, Ben Dietz, Max O. Chang

Synopsis: Three friends take a relaxing trip to Still Pines Spa Retreat. They soon find themselves tangled up in a very dangerous mystery. 

Episode 1 - The group arrives at the spa retreat and meets a foreign traveler, Abby. The group suspects foul play when strange incidences start to occur.

Episode 2 - The group find some alarming evidence, but can it all still just be coincidence? Raphael realizes that he may have said too much.

Episode 3 - Chaos breaks out at the retreat, and everyone is in danger. Kiara comes face to face with a very dangerous man.




Starring: JC Iglesias, Daisjha McGee, Nikki Griffiths, Justin Firpo, Kamyla Leilani, Max O. Chang

Synopsis: In the world of COVID-19, dive into the lives of a group of tenants renting an old house split into two apartments.  Life quickly decays for everyone.

Episode 1 - Roommates begin getting to know each other for the first time. Could one of them be sick?

Episode 2 - The roommates run into financial issues and difficulties paying their collective bills. The ambulance is called when their non-believer roommate collapses to the ground.

Episode 3 - Hospital protocols are preventing visitations, Stress and tensions run high from the isolation and COVID.



Starring: Alexis Quema, Skylar Swearington, Max O. Chang, Christina Apostolos, Jada Rose, Leilani Johnson, Ben Dietz, Kaelyn Tatum

Synopsis: A group of friends suspect there’s a strange affair going on with their principal and drama teacher. There’s a dead body, and a murder to solve at Richmond High!

Episode 1 - Principal Davis confronts Vanessa Paint. The group decides to have a pool party at Andrea’s house.

Episode 2 - Principal Davis shares with Miss Paint some personal details about his wife Janet. 

Episode 3 - There’s a murder at Richmond High. It’s up to the students to solve everything without the police.




Starring: Darrell Ellingberg, Breanna Addison Cruz, Shiko Mbugua, Skylar Swearington, Cesar Zavala

Synopsis: A family receives a surprising letter from their estranged Russian uncle. The kids encounter paranormal voices telling them their parents might be in danger. 

Episode 1 - A letter from Russia forces a family to take a trip. They learn about their Russian father's past, and enter the house for the first time. 

Episode 2 - Strange things are happening at the estate when the kids start experiencing ghostly activity. 

Episode 3 - The adventure comes to an end. The kids are tasked to break the family curse or they may lose their family forever. 




Starring: Chantel Burrell, Ramona Lofton, Aleshani David, Christina Apostolos

Synopsis: A detective takes a trip to Chicago to uncover the operations of a major drug cartel. Diamond is the new recruit and begins her new life in the Windy City.

Episode 1 - A detective poses as a freelance photographer to investigate a drug trafficking operation. Diamond is excited for her new life.

Episode 2 - Diamond meets the Chicago cartel and learns the rules of the business. Her past catches up to her.

Episode 3 - Tensions run high and there are too many queens in Chicago. They must all use their street smarts to avoid being a part of the bloodshed.