Machine Tool Technology

Almost everything we touch in our daily lives, from automobiles to blenders, contains parts crafted by a Machinist. A Machinist is the key person in producing the needed equipment and utensils that result in the products we enjoy. 

Do you enjoy working precisely and accurately with machines? Did you know virtually all manufactured products depend on America’s precision machining industry at some point in their production? Chabot’s Machine Tool Technology program can give you the training needed to take advantage of the career opportunities in tooling and machining which are plentiful, profitable, and they don’t require a four-year degree.

In Chabot's Machine Tool Technology program, you will develop a strong understanding of machining as you gain hands-on experience on the industry's most up-to-date tools and equipment for manual machining. As a skilled machinist you will learn to follow specifications, how to create your own quality tools & products, and how to operate some of most of innovative technology in machining. At Chabot, you will develop the skills and craftsmanship that lead to precision work, and then you will be on your way to a valuable well-paying career in this exciting field. Whether you are looking to refresh your skills, become certified, or earn your AS in Machine Tool Technology Chabot’s machining program is your pathway to success.

Trained machinists also benefit from having the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world applying their trade. Machinists compensation packages typically include: High wages, retirement, health insurance, and paid vacations.

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SalaryJourneyman Machinist in Bay Area
$45+ per hour


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What does it take to become a Machinist?


  • Knowledge
  • Career Preparation
  • Experience
  • Interviewing skills 


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Certificate Noncredit
Computer Numerical Control Programmer
Machine Tool Technology
Numerical Control
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